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Function documentation Document Overview  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


When you display or change a document, the system initially displays an overview screen with the most important information from the document header and the document line items. One display line is available for each document line item. You can define the layout of this line.


You use the functions of the SAP List Viewer (ALV) in the document overview to display and prepare the list with functions such as sort and search.

You can also use the following processing functions:

       Insert Totals Row

You can check the balance of the document by inserting a totals row into the document. Select the Amount column and choose Total.

       Change Line Layout of Document Overview

You can change the line layout of the document overview by including a standard field (for example, profit center) or a customer field. To do this, choose Select Layout and select an existing layout from the list or define your own layout.

       Change Display Currency in Overview

If you work with multiple currencies, you can switch between items in document currency, local currency, and group currency within the document overview. To do this, choose Change Display Currency.

       Line Item Display

You can display the line items for a document line item. Double-click the required document line item to display it.

       Change Document

You can change the displayed document. To do this, choose Change Display Mode/Change Mode. For more information, see Change Document.



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