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When it calculates the recipe data, the system checks whether more recipes exist for an input component that produce this substance. If the system finds recipes, it explodes the corresponding formulas over multiple stages.

In the explosion, the system takes into account all recipes that meet the following requirements:

  • The user has the necessary authorizations for the recipe.

  • The recipe is valid on the key date.

  • The recipe has either the same recipe purpose or a recipe purpose that is contained in the related sequence (see Recipe Purpose).

  • The recipe is not marked for deletion or archiving.

  • The recipe has a status that is relevant for the explosion (see Status Schemes for Recipes).

Caution Caution

The system does not take recipes from Recipe Management (PLM-RM) into account.

End of the caution.


In Customizing for Environment, Health and Safety, you have carried out the activity   Basic Data and Tools   Specification Database Structure   Specify Component Types for Compositions  .

You have carried out the following activities in Customizing for Recipe Development:

  •   Recipe   Calculations   Define Explosion Scopes and Assign Component Types  

  •   Recipe   Calculations   Define Recipe Calculations  


Explosion Scope

The following explosion scopes are defined in the standard system:

  • Logistic explosion

    The logistic explosion includes scrap that occurs in production in the calculation.

  • Scientific explosion

    The scientific explosion includes all chemical and physical properties of the substances used.

  • Explosion for synchronization recipe to material BOM

Development Recipe

If you have entered an explosion recipe in the formula for an item, the system uses this recipe for the explosion of the associated substance.

Explosion Stop

The explosion stops in the following cases:

  • The system can no longer find any producing recipes for a component in an explosion-relevant status for which the user has authorization.

  • The Customizing settings for the corresponding component type specify that the component is not exploded any further. This makes sense for some components that are created by a reaction, for example. The system cannot calculate the corresponding values for these components mathematically from the input substances. In the case of a substance whose component type is not explosion-relevant, the system uses the substance composition that is specified in the property tree.

  • Reuse occurs.

    Reuse occurs if an output component is used as an input component in the current recipe or in a recipe that is obtained through explosion of the current recipe.

Explosion Logs

When the system performs a calculation for which the recipe is exploded, it writes all the steps it carried out to the explosion log You can display different views for each calculation type. Views for which no calculation has been performed yet, are empty.

The explosion log contains a table of all input substances the system determined during the explosion. You can show and hide the ingredients that were determined for input substances produced by another recipe.

If the system determines multiple recipes for an input substance, it displays all recipes. You can also display the non-used recipes, by choosing the Display Non-Used pushbutton.

The system displays at most the following data for each specification found in the explosion and for each recipe:

  • Description

  • Recipe type

  • Whether the recipe is used

  • Stage number

  • Formula item number

  • Description of the item type

  • Whether reuse occurs

  • Description of the component type

  • Whether the explosion was stopped

  • Material with description

  • Quantity and unit

When you select a row in the explosion log, the system shows all messages issued for this item in the lower screen area.

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