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Warehouse Management (WM) is integrated with the SAP Logistics Information System (LIS) to support the analysis of the physical flow of quantities and workload in the warehouse. Warehouse Controlling evaluates and reduces the extensive information from Warehouse Management to a few essential performance measurements, thus allowing an analysis of weak areas with the aid of graphics. The evaluations for Warehouse Controlling are integrated with the Inventory Controlling menu as standard analyses. These analyses are based on statistical databases in Warehouse Controlling called "information structures" into which important, up-to-date performance measures are written directly from the warehousing applications. This data can be used for performance planning purposes.


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All five standard analyses for Warehouse Controlling are based on data that is updated to the information structures S090 and S091.


The following five standard analyses for Warehouse Management are available in Inventory Controlling:

For this analysis, the system displays the total weight and quantities of goods that were putaway, picked or returned.

This analysis displays the quantities and weights that were moved in the warehouse. It also includes information about frequency and the average time expired between transfer requirement or delivery creation and transfer order creation.

This analysis is based on the putaway and picking of a material or several materials and includes quantity and weight information for a specific time period.

Quantity, weight and time required for material movements are considered in this analysis.

This analysis is based on movement type and the storage types into or from which putaway or picking of stock takes place.

The following table provides an overview of the events that are updated by the information structures S090 and S091 once the update has been activated.

Overview of Events


Information structure

Goods movements/Inventory Management

(external quantities)

Putaway or picking


Transfer order creation

(putaway, picking, return transfers)

Transferred quantity




Transfer order confirmation

(confirmation of real and unreal differences)



Only physical movements, that is, no inventory adjustment postings or posting changes, are taken into account for updating.

Activating the Update

The update of the two information structures S090 and S091 can be activated in Customizing for Inventory Controlling. If the V1 update is selected, the document is posted with the original documents, if V2 is selected the update takes place at a later time. If you use Multiple Processing, you should only work with the V2 update.