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Function documentationApproval Process


Whenever a new contract version is created, it must be submitted for approval through an approval process. Each contract version has a unique version number that is appended with a revision number. Each time the contract version is submitted or resubmitted for approval, the revision number increments successively until the contract version is approved.


You have made settings as described in Customizing for Contract Version Management.


You have two options:

  1. You execute the approval process manually as described in Running Manual Approval Process.

  2. You create a workflow and the approval process is executed automatically as described in Running Automatic Approval Process with Workflow.

A contract version can have several statuses and each status reflects the contract version’s current status in the approval process. They can also be classified into categories according to their status. For more information about the statuses and categories, see Contract Version: Categories and Approval Statuses.