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You use this component to analyze and correct differences from business transactions between your company code and another company code on a key date, for example, month-end or the last day of the quarter.

Document reconciliation is used in Financial Accounting to regularly check customer and vendor documents based on business transactions within a group, and to clear differences if necessary. Using this component, it is very easy to find individual posting documents that cause differences and to trigger or carry out adjustments to the documents using the tools provided.

Depending on your organizational structure, the following people can be responsible for carrying out the document reconciliation:

Implementation Considerations

You implement document reconciliation to assign and reconcile posting documents between company codes, and to correct differences that arise during posting. In addition, you can use the document reconciliation to maintain or check reference numbers for documents that belong together.

If you use the document reconciliation function, the user requires at least display authorization for all company codes that he wants to include in the selection.


Document reconciliation is a tool used in Financial Accounting, Enterprise Controlling, and Strategic Enterprise Management. In the SAP Consolidation component, for example, document reconciliation is part of the preparation for elimination of intercompany payables and receivables. For more information, see Interunit Elimination


Document reconciliation offers the following functions:

The documents are reconciled in the transaction currency in order to avoid translation differences.

Using the document reconciliation, you can display the open items on a key date, for example, month-end, or the last day of the quarter. SAP recommends carrying out the document reconciliation regularly, ideally, every month. You should enter postings arising from the document reconciliation in the period in which the differences occur.


Document reconciliation is restricted to one client, you cannot process open items between different clients or systems.