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Process documentation Sending a Questionnaire to Candidates in the Talent Pool (TRM)  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can use this process to send a questionnaire to candidates in the Talent Pool, without the need for an assignment to a requisition or an application group.

In this way, you can collect information from the candidates and then rate and rank the candidates on the basis of their responses.


You have created questionnaires using the Creation of a Questionnaire process.

In Customizing for SAP E-Recruiting, you have created letter templates using SAP Smart Forms and assigned them to the activity types that you have provided for sending questionnaires within the framework of Talent Relationship Management (TRM) (Customizing activity Assign Forms to Activity Types).

Via the Customizing activity Link Activity Types with Referencing Activity Types, you have assigned to the relevant questionnaire activities (that you assigned to the processes of the Talent Relationship Management process group) corresponding activities of the Invitation category for sending questionnaires.

Process Flow


       1.      In the recruiter's work center under Recruitment Candidates, you choose the Candidate Searchservice.

       2.      The system opens the candidate search.

       3.      You enter your search criteria and start the search.

       4.      The system displays the list of candidates matching the search criteria.

       5.      By clicking an entry in the Candidate column, you call the Candidate Profile for the candidate.


You can also call the candidate profile from other candidate lists within SAP E-Recruiting.

       6.      In the Candidate Profile, you switch to the Activities tab page.

       7.      Under TRM Activities, you choose Create Activity.

       8.      You create an activity that can be used for sending questionnaires.

       9.      You assign a questionnaire to the activity.

   10.      You specify whether candidates can still see the questionnaire after they have completed it.

   11.      You activate the correspondence in order to send the questionnaire.

   12.      If necessary, you change the letter section of the assigned letter template.

   13.      You flag the questionnaire and the letter for sending via e-mail or for printing.

   14.      You choose OK in order to finally create the activity.

   15.      The system adds the activity to the list of TRM activities for the relevant candidate.

In addition to sending questionnaires within the framework of Talent Relationship Management to the relevant candidate via the candidate profile, you can also send questionnaires as follows:

      Via the search results list for the candidate search in the Talent Pool. You create a corresponding activity here for one or more candidates (see Creation of TRM Activities).

      Via the assignment list for a talent group. You create a corresponding activity here for one or more candidates.


You have sent the candidate the link to the questionnaire and a letter. The candidate can call up the questionnaire and complete it.


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