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See inflation index.


The inflation indexes are a key part of the inflation calculation function. They are used in Customizing, posting, and closing procedures.


You maintain inflation indexes in Customizing for Financial Accounting (FI), by choosing Financial Accounting Global Settings  Inflation Accounting  Maintain Inflation Indexes.

As the inflation figures (known in the system as inflation index values) are published, you enter this data in the inflation index. In most countries, inflation indexes are published on a monthly basis, but there are exceptions.

The system allows for:

Once you have maintained your indexes, you enter the general index in the inflation method. If a G/L account is to be adjusted using a specific index, you enter it in the account's inflation key.


You can assign an inflation index to individual line items as you post them, if you have customized the SAP System accordingly (see Assigning Specific Inflation Indexes to Line Items).


When you come to run the programs in the Inflation Accounting solution for Financial Accounting (FI), they revaluate each G/L account, line item, and open item using the inflation index assigned to it.


The inflation index consists of header data and values. In addition, you can define multiple versions of each index, although you normally need only define one.

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