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This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Cross-Company Code Invoice Posting (Credit Side): Example  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

Assume the following:

To post this transaction, proceed as follows:

  1. From the Accounts Payable menu, choose Document entry ® Other ® Invoice - general (if, for example, you want to enter an invoice).
  2. Enter the document header data.
  3. Either enter a number in the Cross-CC no. field (cross-company code transaction number) in the document header or let the system assign a number. For example, you could enter MACHINES as the cross-company code transaction number.
  4. Note

    If you do not enter a number in this field, the system generates an internal document number by putting together the document number in the first company code (ten characters), the company code (four characters), and the fiscal year (two characters).

  5. At the bottom of the initial screen, enter a posting key, such as 31 for a vendor invoice, and 78900 for a vendor account. Choose Enter.
  6. Note

    The screen to enter a line item is the same whether you are entering a vendor invoice in one company code or in a cross-company code transaction.

  7. Enter an amount (for example, 25,000) for the vendor item. At the bottom of this screen, enter a posting key (such as 40) and the G/L account number for the expense account (for example, 476000).
  8. Note

    If you do not specify a company code, the system posts the next line item to the same company code as in the previous line item. In this example, the company code in the previous line item is 0001.

  9. Choose Enter.
  10. Note

    The screen for the G/L account item is the same for one company code as it is for a cross-company code transaction.

  11. Enter the G/L account item for company code 0001 (amount 12,500 for example). At the bottom of the screen, enter the posting key (40), the G/L account number (476000), and the company code (0002). Choose Enter. The system makes sure that the second company code has the same local currency as the first if this is a prerequisite for the business transaction.
  12. If the document type requires an external document number, the system prompts you to enter a document number for the second document.
  13. Enter the amount (12,500) for the G/L account line item in the other company code (0002).
  14. You can display the overview by choosing Goto ® Document overview.
  15. The system displays a list containing the document numbers for all the company codes concerned.

  16. To post the cross-company code transaction, choose Document ® Post.

The system generates certain document items automatically. These are receivables and payables between the company codes involved.


Note that the debits equal the credits for each document in a company code. The system posts one SAP document for each company code involved.

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