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Procedure documentation Defining Document Change Rules  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can define your own document change rules for selected fields.


Field Selection

  1. To assign a rule to a field, you select the field using the field name in the column Field name.

Defining the Area of Validity for the Rule

  1. Specify the account type for which the rule should be applicable.

For example, you can differentiate the rules according to customer and vendor transactions. Do not specify an account type for the document header fields, since the change rules here generally apply for all account types.

  1. You only make an entry in the Transaction class field if you use the special G/L transactions bills of exchange or down payments. The change rules then only apply for these special transactions.

For example, you can prevent any change to the baseline date for making down payments but permit changes to the baseline date for paying bills of exchange.

  1. To define change rules for special company codes, enter the company code for the required field. In all other cases, the rule applies that has no company code assigned to it.

Determining Whether a Field Can Be Changed

  1. To define a field as changeable, select the field Field is changeable. If you want to prevent the field from being changed, you must leave this field blank.

Prerequisites for Defining Whether a Field Can Be Changed

  1. You can set conditions for whether a field can be changed.

The following conditions for a field change are already defined in the system:


The latter three options are not offered for the account type S (G/L account), since they are not relevant.

If you want a condition to apply to a field, you must select the condition for the field. If you select several conditions, they must all be fulfilled before you can change a field.


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