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In addition to displaying the entire document, you can also look at the individual line items posted to an account in the FI component. The document line items from the account view are called line items in the FI component.

The system already contains the required specifications for all these functions. Since these functions can greatly simplify the processing of line items, you should check whether the SAP settings fulfill your company’s requirements.


You can use the following functions for the line item display:

When you display or change line items, the first screen you see is an overview screen with one line displayed per line item. You decide what data is displayed in this line by specifying the line layout. You can define several variants.

In addition to displaying the total of all line items, you can display subtotals per currency, business area, or document type, for example. You must specify the fields to be used for calculating subtotals.

Before you call up line item display, you can specify which line items you want to see. When you call up the selection function, the system offers you fields for selection. You enter selection criteria for these fields; the line items are then selected and displayed according to these criteria. In the system, you can specify which fields you want to use for this function.

You can also sort line items. You must specify which fields you can sort by in the system. When you call up the sort function, a list of the possible sort fields is displayed. You select your fields from this list.

You can also search for line items. The system offers you fields where you can enter comparison values. In the system, you specify the fields you want to use to search for line items.

These functions should support each user in his particular task. An employee working with customer accounts who is responsible for customer dunning requires for example, dunning information in the line item display. He requires a line layout with this information. Summarized information is important for a credit controller. He will first need to look at a totals sheet to get the information that he requires.

In order for each employee to receive the relevant information immediately on calling up line item display or change, specify default values in the user master record. These include the line layout variants, the totals variants, and the initial screen that is used to call up the functions for line item display.

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