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There are special check routines for the fields in the document header and the individual line items. Pure information fields, such as the text field in the document header are excluded. In addition, the system carries out checks on the entire document during posting. You cannot post the document until all the checks have been carried out successfully.

The following control functions are available:


Automatic Checks

There are four different types of check:

The system checks whether all the required fields have entries. The fields that must be filled are specified partly by the system. These include the fields for the document type and the posting key. For some fields, you can determine whether they are required or optional. Required fields are marked with a question mark in the entry screen. The system checks all data entries for format errors. It would reject an invalid date, for example.

The system also checks authorizations and tolerances. An employee might only be authorized to post to certain accounts within one company code. You can define tolerances for each employee or for a group of employees. Tolerances include a maximum cash discount percentage rate, a maximum amount per customer or vendor line item and a maximum amount per document.

The system checks whether entries in each individual field are correct. This applies to the document header and the individual line items. For example, you can only enter document types that are already available in the system. If you work with external number assignment, you can only use document numbers contained in the specified number interval that have not yet been assigned.

The system also checks the combination of certain entry values. For example, if you enter the tax amount manually, the system checks, via the tax code and the entered posting amount, whether the tax amount is correct. The system also checks that the entries in the control fields agree. For example, you must specify which account types each document type is permitted for. As a result, you can only use posting keys that belong to one of the permitted account types.

For an accounting document, the balance of the document must be zero at the time of posting. If this is not the case, the document is not posted.

Control Totals

You can use the control totals function to check whether amounts have been entered correctly or not. You can choose whether the system

You can enter control totals for individual accounts or for a group of accounts. In addition, you can choose whether the posting amounts are totaled in local currency, foreign currency or in all currencies.

You can also use an update counter to check whether the asynchronous update of the document is complete.


Displaying Control Totals

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