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Background documentation What Can You Do Before Posting a Document?  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

After you have entered the document line items, and before you post the document, you can carry out the following activities:

Once you have entered all line items in a document, you can post the document.

If you want to post a document, the debits and credits must balance to zero. This updates the account balances.

If you want the system to hold a document, it does not have to be complete. Account balances are not updated and the document data is not available for evaluation. A document number is not assigned. You hold a document if you are interrupted while entering it, and need to store the data temporarily.

If you park a document, it also need not be complete and will not update any account balances. However, the data remains available for evaluation by the system. A document number is assigned. You might park a document if account assignments are missing and you want to complete them later. For more information, see Document Parking in the FI Accounts Receivable and Payable documentation.



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