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Procedure documentation Processing Batch Input Sessions Manually  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You have executed the recurring entries program.


To carry out the postings, process the batch input session. You can have the system run the batch input sessions automatically. To do this, use report RSBDCSUB.

To process batch input sessions manually, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose System ® Services ® Batch input ® Sessions.
  2. The system displays a list of those batch input sessions that meet your selection criteria. Enter the relevant data for selecting the session.
  3. Select the session you require and choose Session ® Process.
  4. The system displays a dialog box where you can specify how the session is to be processed. You generally select the Display errors field in order to have the system display any errors in the session.

  5. Save your entries.


The system posts the documents. You can call up a log of the batch input session by choosing Goto ® Log. For more information about batch input sessions, see the SAP Library under BC - Basis Components.




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