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To create accounting documents from recurring entry original documents, you have to either run the recurring entry program or schedule it to be run. The run dates you enter in the original recurring entry documents are not sufficient to create accounting documents. You must run the recurring entry program at the appropriate intervals and specify, by entering a settlement period, which recurring entry original documents are to be included in the run.

The recurring entry program generates a batch input session. This contains the accounting documents that are to be created. After running the recurring entry program, process this batch input session to carry out the postings.


You run the recurring entry program by carrying out the following steps from the General Ledger menu:

  1. Select Periodic processing ® Recurring entries ® Execute.
  2. The screen Create Posting Documents from Recurring Documents appears.

  3. Enter the following data:
  4. - A company code or multiple company codes

    - A date or a date interval in the field Settlement period and also, if necessary, a Run schedule. In general you enter a time period in the field Settlement period, for example 1/1/1998 to 1/31/1998.

    A user for the authorization check during the recurring entry program.

    - A name for the batch input session (for example, RECURJAN98 for recurring entries in January 1998).

  5. Select Program ® Execute.


If the date of the next run stored in the recurring document is on or between the range of dates for the settlement period, the program enters the data required for the postings into the batch input session specified. In each program run, only one accounting document is created per recurring entry document. Therefore specifying a very long settlement period will not result in more than one accounting document being created.

When you process the batch input session, the recurring document is updated. Among other things, the date of the next run that is updated by running the recurring entry program is entered in the document. The total number of program runs is also updated. You can look at this data in the recurring document.



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