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Procedure documentation Changing Recurring Entry Documents  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Changing a recurring entry document is like changing any other document, except that you can also change the amounts in the individual line items and the recurring posting data.


To change a recurring entry document, proceed as follows from the General Ledger menu:


       1.      Select Document Reference documents Recurring document Change.

       2.      Enter the number of a recurring entry document and choose  ENTER.

If you do not know the document number, you can search for it by choosing Document List.

       3.      To edit one or more line items, choose each line item and change the data contained in it.

To edit the document header, choose Goto Document header. You can make changes in the document header fields Reference and Doc. header text.

To edit the recurring entries data, select Goto Recurring entry data. You can make changes in the following fields:

       Last run on

       Next run on

       Interval in months

       Run date

       Run schedule

       Deletion indicator

       Transfer amounts in local currency

       Copy Texts

       4.      To save your changes, select Document Save.



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