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Process documentation Recurring Entries Process Flow  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

Process Flow

Using recurring entries requires the following steps:

  1. You enter a recurring entry original document once. In this document, you enter the data necessary for posting accounting documents, such as the amount, account number, and posting key. You also enter control information: Day of the first run, day of the last run, and scheduling dates.
  2. Run the recurring entry program at the intervals you require. It determines which recurring entry documents have to be processed and creates a batch input session that contains the following:
  3. - Data required to post accounting documents

    - Data for updating recurring entry documents. This includes next run date, the number of runs, and a deletion indicator if necessary.

  4. Process the batch input session. This posts the accounting documents, updates the transaction figures of the accounts posted to, and updates the recurring entry documents themselves.



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