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Periodically recurring entries posted by the recurring entries program based on recurring entry documents. This process is comparable to the standing order you give to your bank to deduct your rent, premium payments, or loan repayments.


Recurring entries are business transactions that are repeated regularly, such as rent or insurance. The following data never changes in recurring entries:

You enter this recurring data in a recurring entry original document. This document does not update the transaction figures. The recurring entry program uses it as a basis for creating accounting documents.


The system uses the recurring entry original document that you enter as a reference. It is not an accounting document and therefore does not affect the account balance.

In the recurring entry document, you define when a posting is to be created with this document. You have two options for scheduling. Postings can be made periodically or on a specific date:


To post recurring entry documents, you have to set up a separate number range for the company codes that use them. You have to use key X1 for the number range. The system takes numbers for the recurring entry original document from this number range.

Program SAPF120 creates accounting documents using the recurring entry original documents. You have to run the program at regular intervals. It checks each recurring entry original document to see if a document should be created.


Cross-company code transactions cannot be posted with the recurring entry program.



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