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Function documentation Posting with Sample Documents  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can use sample documents as reference documents entered specifically for this purpose.


Sample documents have a separate number range. When you enter and post a sample document, the system stores the document, but does not update any transaction figures. Your system administrator defines a number range for sample documents. The system assigns a number from this number range to each sample document.


During document entry, you can have data from another document defaulted. The items from this reference document can be:

In contrast to an accounting document, sample documents do not update transaction figures. They serve merely as data sources for an accounting document. Their advantage is that you can change or enhance them. You therefore use a sample document rather than an accounting document if you need a reference document for which you want to define the layout yourself.


You use a sample document as a reference document in which assignment to more than one cost center is defined. If you want to assign to other cost centers, you can change the values in the sample document. If you use an accounting document as a reference document, you cannot make these changes because you also have to change the account assignments relevant for accounting.

You enter sample documents with a special function to ensure that these documents cannot be accidentally posted as accounting documents.

If you store a sample document, the system automatically assigns a number to this special document. To do this, the system uses the number interval X2. This number range may only be used by the system. You cannot assign it to any document type. You have to set up this number range in all the company codes where sample documents are used. You have to use key X2 for this number range.




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