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Procedure documentation Using Account Assignment Models for Document Entry  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Enter the document header data.


To use an account assignment model for document entry, proceed as follows:

  1. To call up an account assignment model, choose Goto ® Account assignment model from the menu, or the button Account assignment model. A dialog box appears for you to enter the key for the required account assignment model.
  2. Alternatively, to skip a step in the procedure, you can call up an account assignment model via the entries in the line at the bottom of the screen. In the First line item section, enter 00 in the Posting key field and the name of the account assignment model in the Account field. Save your entries.

  3. The account assignment model is displayed as it was entered.
  4. Note

    For more information on structuring the entry screen templates, see the Financial Accounting Global Settings Implementation Guide (IMG),® Document ® Recurring Entries ® Account Assignment Models: Define Entry Screen Templates. You can also define your own screen templates using the IMG.

    You can change, add to, or delete the proposed data to meet your requirements. You can also add items, without having to change to the standard document entry procedure.

    If you are using an account assignment model with equivalence numbers, you cannot enter amounts in the items. Instead, the screen header contains two fields in which you enter the debit or credit amount which is to be distributed. The system then automatically distributes the amount to the items.

  5. Once you have finished editing the account assignment model, you can either return to the standard entry procedure, or post the document directly.

To return to the standard entry procedure, select Back. You will usually return to the document overview. If you called up the account assignment model from open item processing within a clearing transaction, you return to the open item processing screen.

To post directly, select Save. Provided no errors are found, the document is posted.




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