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Procedure documentation Creating or Changing Account Assignment Models  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


To create or change an account assignment model, proceed as follows:

  1. In the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, or Accounts Payable menu, select Document entry ® Reference documents ® Account assignment model.
  2. Enter a name for the account assignment model. The system saves the account assignment model under this name. Select Create or Change.
  3. When you create an account assignment model, an additional field is displayed in which you can enter the name of an existing account assignment model. To display a list of the models available, use the possible entries help. Save your entries.

  4. Maintain the attributes of the account assignment model:
  5. - Currency

    To enter amounts in the account assignment model, you must also enter a currency key. The model can then only be used for postings in the specified currency. If you do not want to specify amounts, leave the currency key field blank. The account assignment model can then be used for any currency.

    - Chart of Accounts

    If you do not want to specify a company code in the line items of the account assignment model, but want the system to check that the specified accounts exist, you can enter a chart of accounts.

    - Sample Text

    If you want to provide an explanatory text for the account assignment model, you can enter a sample text. Note that the text, like the document header text, is not language-dependent.

    - Authorizations

    You can limit authorization for an account assignment model to certain users by specifying an authorization group.

    Calculate tax

    If you select this field, the system calculates taxes automatically during posting.

    - Equivalence to

    Select this field if you want to distribute a total amount to several items using equivalence numbers. When you use this account assignment model, you enter an amount, which is then distributed to the items according to the equivalence numbers specified.

  6. Use Goto ® Line items to access the screen for entering the line items in the account assignment model.
  7. Before entering the line items, you have the option of changing the entry screen. Use Settings ® Screen template to select a screen which meets your requirements.

  8. Enter the line items with the posting data which you want the system to propose.
  9. Save your entries.



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