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When you are entering line items in General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, or Accounts Payable, you can call up a special screen for fast entry of G/L account line items.

To do this, choose Goto G/L item fast entry. On the next data entry screen, you can make entries in the following fields:

      Pk (Posting key)

      Account (account number)


      Tx (tax on sales/purchases)

      BA (business area)

      Cost ctr (cost center)



You can enter a screen layout variant for fast entry of G/L account line items by selecting Settings Editing options. The screen variant determines which fields are displayed on document entry.

Note that you are only required to enter data in the following fields for G/L account items:

      Pk (Posting key)


      Amount (in the line item)

The standard system contains screen variants for the fast entry of G/L account line items. For more information, see the Financial Accounting Global Settings Implementation Guide and the documentation for the activity Maintain Fast Entry Screens for G/L Account Items. You can also define your own screen templates in Customizing.


Using Editing options, you can make additional settings for document entry. See Editing Options




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