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With certain transactions, the system generates automatic postings. These include:

Each automatic posting is shown as a separate line item. In the document overview, therefore, the automatically generated line items are displayed in addition to the manually entered items. For each automatic posting, you must define the G/L account to which the system is to post and the rules according to which the system generates the posting. For example, you can differentiate the tax posting according to tax codes. The system will then post to a different G/L account for each tax code.

You can manually add to automatic postings. If you want to do this, you must select the Supplement auto. postings field in the master record of the account to which the system posts automatically. The field status group in the G/L account master record determines the fields that the system offers for supplementary account assignment.


If you post an incoming payment, the system posts any bank charges automatically to a bank charges account. You can then add the cost centers in the automatically generated line item, for example.



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