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Background documentation Default Values in Document Entry  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

When you enter documents, several fields already contain values. The system gathers these values from various data sources:

The parameter memory is a user-oriented memory in which the system saves data entered at one sitting. When you log on to the system, this memory is filled immediately from the user master record. Data from the parameter memory is used for identical fields in other functions. If you post to the vendor account 4711, for example, this account number is defaulted when you display line items. The data in the parameter memory is deleted when you log off.

The system automatically defaults the current date as the document date. In certain functions, the system, using manual entries, determines and defaults a special G/L indicator, a transaction type for clearing, and the account type.

Some fields are filled with data from the master record of an account. For example, if you have entered terms of payment in a customer master record, the system defaults these terms when you enter a document. The relevant documentation sections inform you of the default values that you can define in a master record.

In the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Financial Accounting Global Settings, you can define the document type and posting key as default values for each of the accounting functions. In the standard system for example, the document type and posting key are defined as default values when entering an incoming invoice.



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