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Function documentation Document Entry  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


When you enter documents, the system checks whether the minimum account assignments have been made, for example, document date, posting date, document type, posting key, account number, and amount.  If you enter a key that is not defined in the system, the system issues an error message. You have to correct your entry before you can enter any more documents. These checks prevent incorrect, inconsistent, or incomplete entries from being made.

To be able to post the document, the debits and credits must balance to zero. This updates the account balances. If the debits do not equal the credits, you can hold the document, or park it until it is complete, without updating G/L account balances.


You can use the following functions when you enter documents:

      Holding documents

      Simulating documents

      Parking documents


You cannot park the following documents:

        Ledger-specific documents

        Documents in the closing process



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