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Procedure documentation Adding Details to Automatically Generated Line Items  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can add details to any automatically generated line item. For example, you can add text to a tax on sales/purchases line item.

If you are permitted (or required) to make additional account assignments to the automatically generated line items, the system branches directly to the document overview. Here, the automatically generated items are highlighted.


Make sure that the G/L account is marked as adjustable and that the appropriate field is defined as optional or required in the field status group.


  1. Select the item for which you want to make an additional account assignment by placing the cursor on an automatically generated line item and choosing Goto ® Line item ® Choose.
  2. Edit the line item.
  3. Choose Document ® Post to post the document.


If you use fast entry to enter G/L account line items, and required fields are not displayed on the fast entry screen, you must add details to the G/L account line items. This process is the same as adjusting an automatically generated line item.

You can also adjust line items after posting by changing the document.



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