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Function documentation Document Overview  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


When you change or display a document, the first screen you see is an overview screen containing the most important information from the document header and the line items. You have a display line for each line item. You decide what data is displayed in this line by specifying the line layout. For more information, see Line Layout Variants


You have entered the document header and the line items.


To display the document overview, from the Enter Accounting Document: Add Line Items screen, choose Goto Document overview.

At the end of the overview, you can see the fields D, with the total debit amounts, and C, with the total credit amounts. The credit entries have a minus sign to the right of the amount. The debit entries have no plus/minus sign.

At the bottom of the Amount column, the system displays the difference between the debits and the credits. To post a document, the balance of debits and credits must be zero.

You may use any of the following editing options:

Using Settings ® Line layout, you can call up a list of the defined line layout variants and choose one for displaying your document overview.

To edit line layout variants, choose General ledger Environment User parameters Editing options.

If you work with several currencies, you can switch between items in local currency and items in document currency within the document overview by using Settings ® Display currency.

You can enter a trading partner business area from the document overview before you post the document. This business area is then defaulted in all G/L account items which are not generated automatically and to which no partner business area has yet been assigned.




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