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To speed up the entry of invoices and credit memos, you can use the special fast entry function. To enter a business transaction, you now only have to make the required entries on one screen. Data which is the same for all the business transactions you enter is specified beforehand on a separate screen for the entire data entry session. The system then enters this data in each document you enter. You also do not have to enter posting keys any more; these are defined as part of the system configuration.


Using the fast entry facility, you can post invoices, credit memos, and the corresponding offsetting entries. You cannot use this function for any other transactions, in particular for entering credit and debit G/L account items.


Because you are entering the whole business transaction on a single screen, the system can only display the most important fields for vendor items. Fields such as the account number of an alternative payee are not included.

You can enter a maximum of five items for the offsetting postings to the G/L accounts. To do this, you enter the account number, amount and, if necessary, the tax code, tax amount, business area, an order and a company code (in the case of cross-company code transactions).

Proposed values for the vendor master record are only transferred after you have selected ENTER or Post. The fields for which default values may be available are marked with *.

In the screen for entering the line items you can choose the following additional functions:

You reach the screen for entering the specifications and default values. You can change this data.

or First item or Last item.

You reach the corresponding item and are thus in the normal entry function.


Fast Entry of Invoices and Credit Memos




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