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Procedure documentation Posting Documents in Foreign Currency (Accounts Payable)  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


When you post a vendor invoice in foreign currency, the system stores the amount in both local and foreign currency for each line item.


To enter the exchange rate for a document, proceed as follows:

  1. Enter the currency key in the document header.
  2. The system then transfers the exchange rate valid on the posting date from the system settings. If you enter a date in the Translation date field, the system transfers the exchange rate valid on this date.


    The valid exchange rate is the one entered on the posting date or on the translation date, or the rate entered at an earlier time.


    For example, if you post a document on August 25, but the last exchange rate in the system setting is from August 22, the system uses the exchange rate from the entry on August 22.

  3. To specify the foreign currency for your document, enter the appropriate currency key in the Currency field in the document header. There are several ways to enter an exchange rate:
    1. Enter a posting date and the currency key in the document header. The system automatically transfers the exchange rate valid on the posting date.
    2. Enter a translation date in the document header.
    3. Enter the exchange rate directly (manually) in the document header.

You can enter the amount in each line item in both local and foreign currency. By doing so, you are indirectly specifying the exchange rate.


You can enter documents in any foreign currency for which a currency key is defined in the system. If you manage a G/L account, for example a bank account, in a foreign currency, you can only post documents to this G/L account in the account currency, that is, the foreign currency.

For more information about clearing open items in foreign currency, see FI Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.




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