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Procedure documentation Entering Payment Requests (Accounts Payable)  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Payment requests are particularly useful for paying parked invoices on time and with maximum cash discount, even when the invoice is not actually posted until after the payment. Payment requests enable you to use a partial payment for an invoice that has already been posted. If you do this, the invoice is blocked for payment and a payment request is entered for the partial amount.


Like down payment requests, payment requests are stored as noted items. This means that no transaction figures or other totals are updated.


You have posted or parked an invoice.


To enter a payment request, proceed as follows:

  1. From the Accounts Payable menu, choose Document entry ® Payment request.
  2. On the Payment Request: Initial Screen, enter the document number of the invoice for which you want to make a payment request.


    You can then display the invoice in question with the function Environment ® Display invoice. If you do not know the invoice document number, you can search for the invoice with the function Environment ® Find invoice.

    If payment requests, partial payments or credit memos have already been entered for the line item you selected, the total of these amounts will also be displayed for your information. The remaining amount is defaulted on the entry screen. If no such amounts have been entered, the screen shows the total amount of the item in question.

  3. a) You want to change document header data: Confirm your entries on the initial screen with ENTER or choose Goto ® Document header.
  4. The screen for the entry of document header data appears. The current date is defaulted as document and/or posting date and document type AB is also defaulted. Entries for all the other fields are copied from the invoice item referred to. After changing the data, select ENTER to continue to the next screen where you can enter the data for the line item.

    b) You want to copy document header data: Using the current date, and document type AB, choose Goto ® Line item. The screen for entering the line item data is displayed.

  5. On the screen for entering the line item data, you will see that the cash discount amount and the withholding tax amounts have been copied proportionately from the referenced invoice item. If you are using an invoice that has already been posted as a reference, you cannot change these amounts.
  6. If your reference invoice is a parked document, these amounts, as well as the terms of payment and the tax code, are changeable. If no tax code has been specified, a dialog box appears in which you can break down the payment request amount using up to three different tax codes. You can use the Tax breakdown function to distribute the amounts appropriately.

  7. Save your entries.


After posting, payment is triggered by the payment program.


You can cancel payment requests that cannot be executed any more by using the Reverse document function in the Accounts Payable menu, as long as they are blocked by a payment run or the invoice has already been paid.




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