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Procedure documentation Posting Credit Memos (Accounts Receivable)  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


  1. From the Accounts Receivable menu, choose Document entry ® Other ® Credit memo - general.
  2. Enter the document header.
  3. In the PstKy field, enter the posting key for a credit memo to a customer (in the standard system this is the posting key 11). In the Account field, enter the customer account number. Choose Enter.
  4. On the Enter Customer Credit Memo: Add Customer Item screen, enter the customer item.
  5. To complete the entry of the credit memo, debit the sales or revenue account.
  6. Post the credit memo.


After the system has checked your entries, it generates a document and updates the account balances. If there are any errors in your entries, an error message is issued.




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