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Procedure documentation Entering G/L Account Line Items (Accounts Receivable)  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Once you have entered the data for the document header and the customer line items, you enter the line items for G/L accounts. For each G/L account item, enter a posting key and the G/L account number. On the next screen you then enter the rest of the data for the line item.


You can assign a business area to each line item. The advantage of assigning business areas to line items is that you can create internal financial statements based on the business area.


The fields that are required, optional, or suppressed depend on the:


For more information on the screen layout, see Screen Layout Using the Posting Key and Screen Layout

Process Flow

For each line item, you must make entries in the following fields:

For more information on the fast entry of G/L account items, see Fast Entry of G/L Account Line Items.




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