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Tax on sales/purchases is deducted from amounts in G/L account items and not from amounts in customer items. The tax on sales to customers is output tax and is posted to a tax account. In systems delivered to countries which have no tax on sales/purchases, the Tax code field is suppressed.


You can enter tax on sales/purchases for the invoice in the following ways: You can

The system posts one item for every tax code.


The following scenarios are possible when entering taxes:

The following figure shows the options available for entering a tax code in each customer line item.

The figure illustrates how a customer invoice is posted. The system posts the tax on sales and purchases (output tax) to the tax account automatically.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


Most countries have more than one tax on sales/purchases rate. The tax return must include a separate line for each rate. You must therefore enter a different tax code for each tax rate.


For more information about tax on sales/purchases, see the documentation created specifically for your country. For details about preparing the tax returns for submission to the authorities, see FI Closing and Reporting.






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