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When you enter a business transaction, the system links the field status definitions of the specified account and the posting key. In this case the fields of a group assume the status with the higher priority.


The suppression of fields and the required-entry status have the highest priority. The optional status is always second place.

If you assign the optional status for a group of fields (for example, by defining the posting key) and then later assign the required status or suppress the fields (for example, using the account), the optional status does not take effect.


In the reconciliation account for domestic receivables, the groups Text, Terms of payment, Cash discount deduction, Invoice reference, and Hedging are assigned the optional status. If an outstanding receivable is posted to a customer account belonging to this reconciliation account, this definition is referred to when defining posting key 06. The posting key determines that the text field is a required field; the fields for the invoice reference and hedging are suppressed.


If the system finds inconsistencies when linking the definitions, it issues an appropriate message. A definition is inconsistent if you suppress fields with a definition, and then assign required status to a definition that is to be linked with this definition.

The following figure shows possible status definitions and their linking results.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

Integration with Other Applications

It is possible, for example, that you suppressed fields because you were not using the Controlling component. If you now implement this component, you must change your screen layout accordingly.

With the help of the field status definitions, you can now also show the required fields at any time. The checks for these fields, which are supported by the program, are performed from the point when the changes are made.

Changing the Field Status Definition

For changes to the field status definitions you should consider the following:




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