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Since the same fields for document entry are required for several G/L accounts, you define the status of fields for a group of G/L accounts.


You create the definition under a field status group. Enter the key of the group in the master record of the G/L account. Field status groups are cross-company code, that is, they do not depend on the company code but on the field status variant. In the standard system, a separate variant for field status groups exists for each company code. The name of the variant is the same as the company code. Every company code is assigned to the variant with the same name. You can work in several company codes with identical field status groups as long as these company codes are assigned to the same field status variants. You define the field status for each individual posting key.


You determine which status a field has by selecting it.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

This transaction is the same for master records and posting keys. When you define the field status, the system always displays all the fields which are contained in the line items. Fields have been combined into groups so that you do not have to determine whether each individual field is relevant.


The cash discount deduction field group contains all fields necessary for entering cash discount, including the field for cash discount amount in document currency and the indicator as to whether the line item is cash discount-relevant.

It is not possible to define the field status in the master records of customer and vendor accounts. You have to use the respective reconciliation accounts to determine the status of a field for posting to these accounts.


In the Domestic Accounts Payable reconciliation account, you can suppress the field for the supplying country and the indicator for the state central bank because they are not required for posting to domestic vendors.

Whether your specification for a group of fields is effective depends on whether the document entry screens for a line item contain the fields from that group. Screens in the system contain different fields depending on the account type. When defining the field status, you are always presented with all fields for all account groups. If, for example, you define the field status in a G/L account master record, it is only effective if the field is really a G/L account field.


The fields for terms of payment are only relevant for customer and vendor line items. Therefore, the screens for G/L account line items do not contain fields from this group. The Vendor number and Customer number fields are only used to post special movements of goods in Materials Management. Fields belonging to this group are not on the screens for the FI-GL, FI-AR, and FI-AP components.




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