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Function documentation Using Field Status Definitions for Screen Layout  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can enter field status definitions in every G/L account master record and for each posting key. You use these definitions to design document entry screens for specific accounts and business transactions.


In line item entry, the system links the definitions from the account to those of the posting key and uses them to create the entry screens. Thus different fields are displayed on the screens for line item entry, depending on the account and posting key specified.


The following diagram shows two screens used to enter a line item in a G/L account. The first screen displays all available fields. The second screen displays only those fields that are required to post an item to a bank account. The Value date field on the second screen was defined as a required entry field in the G/L account master record, whereas the Text field was defined as an optional field. Default values were entered in some fields. All fields for terms of payment were suppressed because they are irrelevant for posting to this account.

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