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After you have entered data, the system updates it.


To update data, the system requires the following specifications, which you define for each posting key:

Customer, vendor and G/L accounts are, for example, types of accounts. You can also post to asset and material accounts if the corresponding SAP components have been implemented. The system requires the account type to uniquely identify the account, asset or material, since the same object numbers, for example, the account number, can always be used for different account types.

You specify whether you are making a debit or credit entry.

You must specify whether the sales figures of the account are to be updated. When you post a customer invoice for example, sales figures must be updated in the account. Sales figures are not updated when an incoming payment is made.

Special G/L transactions, which include down payments and bills of exchange, are posted using a special procedure in FI-GL, FI-AR, and FI-AP. They are posted to special reconciliation accounts and can be displayed separately from other transaction figures. If you enter such transactions, the system requires a special G/L indicator in addition to the posting key. You use the special G/L indicator to specify the type of special G/L transaction you are carrying out.



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