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Function documentation Changing and Deleting Number Ranges  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can change the specifications for a number range, for example the number interval or the validity period.

Changes may be necessary if a number range is not large enough. In this case, you can


You can change the lower and upper limits for number range intervals. Changing the lower limit in a number range with internal number assignment is advisable only if a number has not been assigned yet. In changing the upper limit, make sure the new number does not fall below the current number. The system ensures that the intervals do not overlap after you change the limits.

The current number is updated by the system for number ranges which are set up with internal number assignment. Changing the current number is only permitted in special cases. This may be necessary if the system starts assigning numbers from the lower limit of the interval again and finds that a number was not released yet. A document with this number therefore already exists in the system. In this case, you can increase the current number. Generally however, you should not change it.

Changes to the validity period are usually not necessary. If you use a number range which is independent of the fiscal year, you have already specified a year far into the future. If you use number ranges that are based on the fiscal year, you only need to define the number range for each fiscal year.

You can delete number ranges if no numbers were assigned from it. If numbers have already been assigned from this range, if it is a range with internal number assignment, the system prevents deletion. If the range has external number assignment, a warning message is issued. If you delete a number range, you must assign new number ranges to the document types affected by the deletion.



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