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Procedure documentation Defining Number Ranges for Recurring Entry and Sample Documents  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Sample documents are used as a reference when you enter accounting documents manually. They simplify document entry. You can post regularly recurring entries using the recurring entry program. To do this, the program requires a recurring entry document. Transaction figures are not updated by a sample document or recurring entry document. They are special documents that are only used to create accounting documents.

For sample and recurring entry documents, you need to set up special number ranges in every company code in which these special documents are used.



       1.      In Customizing for Financial Accounting, choose Financial Accounting Global Settings Document Document Number Ranges Define Document Number Ranges.

       2.      Define the number range for sample documents using key X2, the number range for recurring entry documents using X1.


You must not use these number ranges for your document types.

For more information on recurring entry and sample documents, see Posting with Sample Documents and Recurring Entries.


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