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Background documentation Differentiating Between Business Transactions Using the Document Type  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

Document types reflect the different business transactions in your organization. Since the document type can be displayed for every line item, you can immediately find out the type of business transaction in both document display and line item display. You can also use the document type for evaluation purposes.


In the following figure, the document types show that there are customer invoices (document type DR), customer payments (document type DZ) and customer credit memos (document type DG).

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

Document types have already been defined in the standard system. The most important document types are:

Document Types in the Standard System

Document type



General document


Customer credit memo


Customer payment


Customer invoice


Vendor payment


Vendor credit memo


Vendor net invoice and credit memo


Vendor invoice


All G/L accounts

To differentiate between business transactions using the document type, you specify for each document type, what type of account that document can be posted to. Document type AB allows you to post to all accounts. All other document types limit the types of accounts you can post to. Document type DA, for example, only allows you to post to customer and G/L accounts.


The document types delivered with the standard system have already been limited to specific types of accounts. You do not have to use these document types. You can modify them or define your own document types.




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