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Function documentation Transferring and Sorting Receivables and Payables  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Before creating your financial statements, you have to order your receivables and payables according to their remaining term so that they can be displayed correctly. You need to enter adjustment postings to do this.

Adjustment postings are necessary in the following circumstances:


You can use report SAPF100 for transferring and sorting the receivables and payables. This report carries out the following functions:

The program analyzes all the accounts managed on an open item basis. Foreign currency items are always included in this, local currency items only if they contain a due date.

You can also send the adjusted amounts from the discount and/or flat-rate individual value adjustment to the sorted list. In this case, the values that were previously calculated by the discount or flat-rate value adjustment are used for the sorted list and not the foreign currency items. For more information, see Flat-Rate Individual Value Adjustments and Discount.

The system first performs all the transfer postings required due to the change of reconciliation account. It then sorts the payables and receivables and, depending on the results, determines the adjustments required. These postings are then made for each G/L account, business area, and currency.


To transfer and sort receivables and payables, from the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Accounting Financial accounting Accounts receivable/Accounts payable Periodic processing Closing Regroup Receivables/payables.