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Procedure documentation Printing Balance Confirmations   Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

The FI System includes one program for customer balance confirmations and one for vendor balance confirmations. You can print balance confirmations either from the Accounts Receivable menu or from the Accounts Payable menu as follows:

1. Select Periodic processing ® Print correspondence. ® Balance confirmation ® Print letters.

The system displays the screen for entering the selection criteria and parameters. If you want to run the program in the background, call up the appropriate variant or enter your data and create a new variant by saving these entries.

2. Select Program ® Execute or Execute and print.

The most important fields on the screen are described below:

- Special G/L indicator: You can specify any special G/L transactions to be included.

- You can include or exclude any accounts which contain only open items from the previous fiscal year. To do this, make the appropriate entries in the fields Accounts without postings and Only accounts posted to since. The system will then include only those customer accounts which have received posting data since the fiscal year entered.

- You may want to make the selection of customers dependent on the balance of the account. For example, to send a positive inquiry only for accounts where the balance is considerable, and a negative inquiry where the balance is comparatively low. You enter the balance in the field Total balance.

- Sales/Sales period: Alternatively, you can make the selection according to sales. To do so, enter a sales amount and, if required, a period and fiscal year.

- Every nth customer selected: Here you can make a further selection for the balance confirmations.

- You can also select whether head office and branch accounts, one-time accounts, and/or all other vendor and/or customer accounts are to be processed.

The following functions are also available for balance confirmations:

Grouping Customers and Vendors

Creating a Head Office and Branch Index