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Function documentation Synchronization of Customer/Vendor Master Data (FI)  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


For general information about using master data synchronization, see

        Master Data Synchronization

        Customer/Vendor Integration

You can synchronize data for individual customers/vendors or perform mass processing such as an initial data load.  If the system cannot process a data record, it stops processing and issues a message. During mass processing, the system bundles the master data in packages of 100.


For information on the initial data load, see Synchronization Cockpit.

For more information about supported database tables of the customers and vendors, see the fixed values of the domains CMD_TABNAME and VMD_TABNAME.

For more information on activating/deactivating synchronization processes, see the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Cross-Application Components under Master Data Synchronization Synchronization Control.


You have authorization to edit customer or vendor master data.

You have configured the mapping to perform the following functions:

        Initial data load

        Create customer/vendor and business partner simultaneously

You have made the necessary settings in Customizing for Master Data Synchronization.


You have the following options:

        Initial data load of customer/vendor master data

        Customer/vendor master data



The system only synchronizes selected account groups with the business partner. For more information about selecting the account group and the number assignment, see Number Assignment for Processing Direction Customer/Vendor to BP.


        Delete / Archive

If you want to delete (archive) customer/vendor master data, this is not possible as long as the master data is still connected to the master data of the business partner. From the business partner point of view, the master data must be archived first including the link to the customer/vendor. Only then is it possible to activate the deletion of the customer/vendor master data and archive it.

If you want to load your data again, you must first load the customer/vendor master data and then load the business partner data with the link. You can only create a synchronization if the customer/vendor is currently not linked with a business partner.

        Customer/vendor contact person





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