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You can park data relating to customers, vendors, G/L accounts, and asset accounts. There is a fast entry function for G/L accounts. For assets, you can only enter acquisitions. Furthermore, you can park tax information and special sales, but you cannot park special sales for bills of exchange or down payments.

Documents can be parked dependently or independently of General Ledger Accounting. For more information about parking documents independently of General Ledger Accounting, see Parking of Documents. For more information about parking documents dependently of General Ledger Accounting, see Document Parking for Specific Ledgers.

SAP provides two transactions for document parking: the standard transaction and the single screen transaction (Enjoy).


You cannot switch between these two transactions.


Document parking is linked to the account display function and the reporting function in Financial Accounting.

The following functions are available:

      Output of parked documents in the document journal

      Valuation and, where appropriate, posting of payables from parked documents as a total


You can also park cross-company code business transactions. The system creates only one parked document in the initial company code for such business transactions. During posting, the system creates multiple documents. You cannot enter a comprehensive number for cross-company code transactions.

When parking documents, the system only checks whether the data exists.


You can also check the document for completeness. For example, the system checks whether the document balance is zero, and whether entries have been made in all required entry fields (such as Posting Key and Account Number).

The authorization checks are the same as those made for standard document entry and processing. By assigning authorizations, you can differentiate between users with parking authorization and those who can also post documents.


Although the system does not perform any tolerance checks, it nevertheless performs plausibility checks. For example, you cannot enter an undefined business area. You can use account assignment models when parking documents, but not reference documents. Batch input is possible for parked documents.



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