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Function documentation Change Document  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can change documents that have already been posted. However, you need to observe certain conditions that are specified system-internally. This is necessary to prevent any changes to documents that could result in the undesired manipulation of data, which would then make reconciliation impossible.

You can also define your own conditions in the form of company-specific rules for changing documents. However, SAP recommends that you use the standard rules.


You can call up documents and change them or you can change the line items for an account. If you want to change the line items for an account, the account needs to be managed using line item display. The change rules apply to changing documents and also to changing line items.


The system protects certain fields of a posted document from changes. This includes fields such as: Amount Posted, Account, Posting Key, Fiscal Year, and Tax Amount. Data in these fields cannot be changed since it has already led to an update of account balances.

Whether or not you can actually change data in fields that can usually be changed depends on the following factors:

       The document change rules defined by your system administrator.

       Which other SAP applications, such as CO (Controlling) or MM (Materials Management), are installed

       How the application is configured

The system prevents some fields from being changed if you use certain applications. For example, you can no longer change the account assignment to a cost center if you use Cost Center Accounting.

The system logs all changes to documents. This also applies to changes to the sample documents and recurring entry original documents.


You can change all additional account assignments for sample and recurring entry original documents at any time. The restrictions mentioned above do not apply to these special documents.

Displaying Document Changes

You have the following options for displaying changes to documents:

       You can display the changes in the document overview.

       You can create an overview of changed documents. From the SAP Easy Access menu, choose Accounting Financial Accounting General Ledger Information System General Ledger Reports (New) Document General Display of Changed Documents.


You define your document change rules in Customizing for Financial Accounting (New) under Financial Accounting Basic Settings (New) Document Rules for Changing Documents.


For more information, see Defining Document Change Rules.






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