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You use this function to activate document splitting.


This function belongs to document splitting in new General Ledger Accounting.


You have made the settings for document splitting in Customizing for Financial Accounting (New) under   Financial Accounting (New)   Business Transactions   Document Splitting  . For more information, see Document Splitting.


Document splitting uses the Document Splitting Method that you set in Customizing for Document Splitting under   Extended Document Splitting   Assign Document Splitting Method  . The default assignment is document splitting method 0000000012.

When you activate document splitting, you can make the following general settings:

Inheritance and Standard Account Assignment

If, after active document splitting has been performed, there are still line items without account assignments for the document splitting characteristics defined, the system can add the missing account assignments using inheritance and standard account assignments. For more information, see Enhancement Logic.

Exclusion of Company Codes

You can explicitly exclude individual company codes from document splitting. This means, however, that you are then no longer able to create any cross-company code transactions containing company codes that have divergent settings for document splitting. If you do not want to use the document splitting function for one or more company codes in your system, set the Inactive indicator for these company codes.

If you make cross-company code postings, you need to ensure that all company codes included use document splitting.


In Customizing for Financial Accounting (New), choose   General Ledger Accounting (New)   Business Transactions   Document Splitting   Activate Document Splitting  .