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If no costs for material or spare parts arise during service processing, and if the services requested by telephone or hotline are performed without having to send a technician to the customer company, you can use a service notification for the service processing. This is the simplest form of processing, since it does not involve costs that have to be billed.

Service Processing Using a Service Notification

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When you have created the service notification with all necessary and relevant data regarding the problem and processing, you can release the notification for further processing.

The service notification can have the following statuses:

When you call up the function "Create order" for the service notification, the system sets automatically the status "in process". You can create directly a service order or sales order from the service notification.

You can set this status once technical findings have been entered (technical completion confirmation).

When you have finished processing a service notification and all technical completion confirmation data has been correctly entered, you can close the notification. The system then assigns the status "completed" to the notification. The notification is then transferred to the maintenance history, where it is available for planning future tasks and for performing evaluations. Changes are then no longer possible.

For more detailed description of notification data and notification functions, refer to PM - Maintenance Notifications.