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You can reverse posting errors. A negative posting is not possible. The reversal is just an offsetting entry.

Reversed documents remain visible in the down payment chain, although the value of the postings is canceled.

When you post a new transaction, the reversed transaction appears. You then change this transaction by entering a new document.


        You are maintaining a down payment chain on the screen Debit-Side or Credit-Side Down Payment Chain.

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Changing Down Payment Chains

        The down payment chain is not blocked for posting and has Released status.

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Setting Statuses and Block Indicators

        You can only reverse business transactions that you have posted within the down payment chain.


Payment of payables and receivables is carried out in Financial Accounting (FI). Therefore the payment can only be reversed there.

For consistency reasons, if residual items for down payment requests are displayed, a payment can be only be reversed if the residual item has already been reversed.

        You can only reverse documents that you have not yet been cleared.

        If payments have already been made for an invoice (partial invoice or final invoice), the invoice cannot be reversed until the payment has been reversed.


To avoid inconsistencies, you can only reverse the last transaction.


Residual items can always be reversed.

To reverse a posting, go to the Transaction Documents tab page.

The reversal can be carried out either with the posting period of the original posting or the current period.



       1.      In the down payment chain, select the transaction you want to reverse.

       2.      Select the Documents tab.

       3.      Choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.


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