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Procedure documentation Creating a Trigger Point  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

You can assign trigger points to operations in a routing or a production order.

Proceed as follows to create a trigger point in a routing:

  1. Call up the operation overview.
  2. Select the operation for which you want to assign a trigger point and select the menu options Goto ® Trigger pnt overview.
  3. You reach the Operation Trigger Points screen where any existing assignments are displayed.

  4. Enter the usage and/or description.
  5. Indicate the function the trigger point should serve:
  6. The indicator...

    specifies that...


    the trigger point triggers the functions you entered on the detail screen for trigger points (for example, release operation or include reference operation set).


    the operation is the last in a series of operations released by the trigger point. If the function release up to stop was triggered in a previous operation, all subsequent operations are released up to the operation with the RelStop indicator.



    You can set both indicators for a trigger point since both usages are possible.

  7. Select a trigger point and the menu options Details ® Trigger point.
  8. You reach the Trigger Point Details screen.

  9. In the Trigger Point Functions area, indicate the function which the trigger point is to carry out and select the menu options Extras ® Trigger point para.
  10. You reach the dialog box Parameters for Function where you enter additional information, if necessary. Which fields appear in the dialog box depends on the function you selected. For example, if you selected "insert reference operation set", you have to enter the group and group counter of the reference operation set and the operation numbers between which the reference operation set is inserted.

    Press Back to branch back to the detail screen.


    The functions on the detail screen are effective only if you have set the functions indicator on the Trigger Point Overview screen.

  11. Maintain the following data on the detail screen:
  12. - the system status which triggers the function

    - the status change which triggers the function ( reset status and/or set status)

    - the once indicator if the function is to be triggered one time

    the type of event which triggers the function (manually and/or by a change in status)

  13. Branch back to the trigger point overview and save your routing.


Creating a Trigger Point by Copying

For additional information about trigger points, refer to the
PP Production Orders guide.