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Function documentation G/L Account Posting  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


For G/L account postings, you enter your document header data (document date, document type, company code, posting date, and currency) and data for the individual line items.


The following functions are available:

      Enter G/L Account Document as a single-screen transaction (or Enter General Posting as the standard function)

With this function, you post to all ledgers in your General Ledger Accounting.

      Enter G/L Account Document for Ledger Group as a single-screen transaction (or Enter General Posting for Ledger Group as the standard function)

With this function, you can post to a specific ledger group. The document data is posted to all ledgers that are assigned to the ledger group. If your ledger group only contains one ledger, the data is only posted to that individual ledger.

G/L Account Postings for Ledger Groups

The following conditions apply for the entry of G/L account documents for ledger groups:

      The system only offers currencies that are assigned to the ledger or to the ledger group.

      You cannot make postings to accounts that are managed on an open item basis.

      You cannot make tax-relevant postings.

      You cannot post to tax accounts directly.

      The system usually uses the representative ledger of the ledger group to find the fiscal year variant and the current company code. The system checks whether the posting period is open for the specified company code. If the posting period is open, the system posts to all assigned ledgers of the ledger group using the appropriate fiscal year variant for each individual ledger. The system posts to all other assigned ledgers, even if their posting periods are closed.

If you want the system to determine and check the fiscal year variant and the posting periods of the non-representative ledgers independently of the representative ledger, set the Manage Posting Period indicator in Customizing for Financial Accounting (New) under Financial Accounting Global Settings (New) Global Parameters for Company Code Enter Global Parameters. In addition, define the differing posting periods and the differing fiscal year variants for the relevant ledgers under Financial Accounting Global Settings (New) Ledgers Ledger Define and Activate Non-Leading Ledgers. The system only makes the posting in this case if the posting period is open for all ledgers of the ledger group.

Authorization Concept

You can set up your authorization concept so that only specific persons are authorized to make postings to ledger groups.

Document Number Assignment


To guarantee the contiguous assignment of document numbers in non-leading ledgers as well, you should not perform postings from valuations to ledger groups to which more than one ledger is assigned. Instead, you should always perform postings from valuations to individual ledgers. For more information, see Contiguous Document Number Assignment in Non-Leading Ledgers.

Consistency Checks

The system performs consistency checks before saving the data. When the balance of debits and credits is zero and the data is complete, you can post the document. If any data contains errors, it is not saved, and the system prompts you to correct the errors. The system updates the document file and the G/L account balances.


To access the functions for making G/L account postings, go to the SAP Easy Access screen and choose Accounting Financial Accounting General Ledger Posting. For more information about the single-screen transaction, see G/L Account Posting - Enjoy Transaction.


You cannot switch between the single-screen transaction and standard transaction.



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