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Procedure documentation Entering Tax with Jurisdiction Code (Accounts Receivable)  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Within a document, all the state codes (highest level of jurisdiction code) must have the same tax base (net or gross) and the same cash discount base.


  1. Enter the total invoice amount and a tax code in the customer item.
  2. Depending on how you process your invoices, enter either the gross or net amount in the G/L account line item and if necessary, a tax code and jurisdiction code.
  3. If you entered a tax code in the customer item, this code is used. If the system cannot derive the jurisdiction code from the cost center, plant or customer master record, you have to enter it manually.

  4. To enter the tax amounts in the G/L account items, choose Extras ® Tax amounts. You can branch to this screen at any point during document entry.
  5. The Tax Amounts screen shows the tax amount, tax code, posting key, tax base amount, and jurisdiction code for all the items already entered. When you call up this screen after entering the G/L account items, it displays the amounts that have already been entered.

    You have two options for entering taxes:

    a) Per taxable item (per jurisdiction code). This is the predefined variant. This method is recommended if you know the tax amounts total per taxable item.

    b) Per taxing authority (per state, county, city). This method is recommended if you only have individual details for the taxing authorities.

    The usual entry procedure for taxes involves entering the taxable items first. To switch to the entry screen for each taxing authority, choose Goto ® Detail. If, when entering the tax in this way, the amounts are changed in the detail screen, it is no longer possible to return to the taxable item entry screen. Instead you have to carry on entering the taxes per taxing authority.

    If you want to enter the tax using variant a), enter the tax amounts for each jurisdiction code in the Tax amounts screen. On this screen you can enter items with tax codes that have not yet been entered or you can change the amounts already entered. When entering a new tax code in this screen, you must also enter a posting key (in addition to the tax amount and tax code).


    Amount Tx PK Tax base amount Jurisdiction code

    1,100.00 I9 40 1,100.00 250221105...


    If you want to enter taxes using variant b), go to the tax detail screen with Goto ® Detail. This screen displays the tax data broken down by amount, tax code, posting key, tax base amount, jurisdiction code, and condition type. The jurisdiction code is also broken down by state, county, and city.


    Amount Tx PK Tax base amount Jurisdiction code CnTy...

    550.00 I9 40 1,100.00 250000000 JP1I...

    330.00 I9 40 1,100.00 250220000 JP2I...

    220.00 I9 40 1,100.00 250221105 JP3I...


    You can enter tax amounts in the smallest detail here. After you select Enter, your entries are summarized per taxing authority. Note that once you have entered data in the detail screen, you cannot later return to the interim screen Tax amounts, but rather can only go directly to the detail screen.

  6. Post the document.



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